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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Learning 3D

So on Twitter i've been sharing and talking a little bit aboot the tutorials i've done for Blender, a free 3D program that's quite powerful, albeit a little confusing for some. In hopes to be knowledgeable and apply it somehow to my work, if only just simply. Anyway, here are the results from the tutorials!

The wine glasses gave my a little trouble when filling one with Wine, the rendered glass gave too much effect and made it look weird, i tried changing somethings but had no luck. That and the wine bottle were not part of the tutorial, i just felt it should be taken a little further. The Wine Label i made; 

As for the head i was doing, i've taken it a little further, but i wasn't sure on the Tutorial i was doing, if it was the best example, it started well though, as the image shown is the basic shape, which can be used as a template. So i took it a little further but as i was doing my own thing it started getting a little complex, i'm not one for realism, so i'll probably go back to it at some point and give it another go when i know more tricks and stuff.


  1. I tried using Blender years ago, and found it impossible. Hopefully the software's a little more user friendly now; but you've done a good job with it!

    1. Cheers Natasha, it's not too complicated to get started, but it can be intimidating to say the least!!!! Lots of jargon and techniques to try and understand, i'll keep it up hopefully, do something with it, even if it's simple :)