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Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Letter to American Workingmen by Vladimir Lenin

So this WIP is almost finished, at least i think, just some small details to add, faded in the background on the back cover perhaps, maybe some different text, as there are no real blurbs for this, or really any professional reviews that can be used as a quote etc.

It's quite simple, the chain is different to what i was originally going to do, was going to do it as 3D in blender, but decided not to as the simple shape version works quite well, will consider adding a little shadow overlapping each other. Have only just put the hammer and sickle on, but might take it off as it represents other images like the Stalin Era Russia which is kinda against everything Lenin was for. Lenin did not like or agree with Stalin, and didn't want him to proceed him after he died. Anyway. Check it out.

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