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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Warburtons Lunatic Asylum

So this is a project for an old Le Gun magazine submission, we were supposed to submit if we wanted but the brief was out of date, so... Oh well.

So this is kinds a client visual of my chosen phrase, Warburtons Lunatic Asylum, Warburtons is the name of the road Le Gun is/was published on, however general usage of the word Warburtons is bread I thought, not really another use of it I could relate too.

So here is an idea of the lunatic asylums padded cell, with bread instead of cushion, our inmate has tried eating through the wall, but needs to add some flavour and moisture to help get a less constant bread taste. How he got the jam in there I dont know, but he struggles to open it as he is in a straight jacket, I'm sure he will though.

Will probably do another version that's proper final, and this will be a client visual, but could use some critique, maybe some slight sale increase of the window perhaps.


  1. I love it! I think you are right about the scale. Maybe the jam could have a better label so you don't look at it and work out it's jam because it says JAM in big letters. Although I don't know what I'm talking about and that was the only think I could find to criticize you on.. XD

  2. Awesome stuff Stu! I agree with you and Sarah about the window but I think it's more a perspective problem than scale - the vanishing point needs to be outside the frame of the picture rather than inside. Also maybe trim the right hand side so the window's right in the middle? I absolutely adore the character though, his expression is priceless :D

  3. Thanks, all comments very much appreciated and dually noted :D :D