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Thursday, 12 August 2010

80's Model Practise 2

Second Picture done in Photoshop, taken from the book, The Complete Beauty Book, took me a while this one, the lighting made it more tricky, i got it as close to i could, then adjusted the levels by a millimetre or 2 just, so it got abit of a glow in parts of the skin.

So, it took me about 6 and a half hours i think, and hasnt got loads of details, but as i said, the skin was probably the hard part. Not to mention the hands, but id got it all down before with a good Line drawing. The eyes were too small to start with but the magic of photoshop i managed to make them the right size with ease.

Once i get used to painting to this detail and better, i will hopefully be able to do it without any refference, or by only using a refference for expression and lighting, enabling me to make whatever picture i want. But that might be a month away or so :)

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