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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A quick play

My tablet pc hardrive has corrupted due to a slight accident, so until i can get home and fix it, im just working on other things, well today i managed to do a little drawing, that became the test character before. So now im trying out my old Wacom tablet, and seeing how it runs in MyPaint, which im running on Ubuntu, as i don't use windows anymore. Works alright, few little issues but the input is right out of the box, which i already knew, which is much better than Mac OSX because it recognises a tablet but doesnt have the correct drivers for screen size and such, at least with Ubuntu it has that benafit sorted. The pen is a little worn as its an 8 year old wacom, but still works :)

Right i need to go make burgers, as its 9:30 and ive not had dinner yet. fml.

Here is the little drawing i did just for fun / to test out my setup, it kinda is work but wont be used, more of a visual aid to furthering characters etc... As if you read all this.

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