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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Front Rough

So yeah, bit more development. Also done some characters but not scanned or worked with them yet, this is a rough for my cover, trying to get a look and feet before i take it further. Thinking about whether or not it's a good idea to plan this story as a Tablet/Phone App, as an interactive story to be more precise, the problem is, if i'm not making it into an actual app as a final outcome, because i lack the skill (at least for now) then how am i going to show the interactive parts, the movement etc without drawing just an image with a ton of arrows going all over the place, showing the movement? I guess what I need to do is plan the backgrounds as a drawing, plan the separate pieces as a drawing, then I can show them out of context. The drawings work well i feel, however the problem is i think it would be better, and easier to make as a 3D, but stylized App, which is double the work, and i can't do 3D either. GAAAH. Answers on a postcard, to what i should do.

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