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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Those that lived on the feet.

This story is inspired by Fats Wallers 'Your feets too big'

Those that lived on the feet.

There was once a small town who took pride in their conquering skills, however they felt they needed a new way, more efficient and deadly.

Roaming the land were huge feet, connected to legs, which presumably were connected to something higher up.
The whole town agreed living on these feet would allow them to move across the land at a giants pace, whilst been able to overpower anything in their way.

Getting onto the feet, through many attempts, and after getting use to the movement, they began to build their towns on the feet and upward, just above the ankles.

After years of living on the feet and conquering towns, they began to develop different opinions on each foot.

Those that lived on the right foot believed the feet should stomp on the towns, whilst those on the left foot believed the feet should kick the towns.

This difference caused the towns on each foot to fight each other.

For years the fighting continued, with the most epic of battles taking place when the feet stood still, and close.

During the battle what would be later refered to as 'The War of the Toeses', some of the harshest fighting occurred, when suddenly...

The town's became submerged under water.

The townspeople and armies ceased all activities and swam to the nearby beach.

The two towns stood and looked out into the sea as a naked giant washed his ass and balls...

"Should we wait?"


And that was the story of those who lived on the feet.

Hoping to illustrate all of this, meaning I will be doing less work for the other songs, however, I don't care because I like this story, and it's my story so I can save the whole thing for after UNI if I want :)

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