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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Everything stops for giant pocky; so far

This is what I have so far, got the outside to finish in Inkscape (vector) and the inside is painted in photoshop.
Still got over a week on this, what will change;

The outside was green, but i've tried to add contrast with the lighting, the bottom is dark with no light, as a result of having no lighting, the text will be refined and lit-up like the top, though without the bulbs, so some green should still peak through.

The orange behind the image needs changing to something more suitable, i can't think of what to go behind it, or think of the best colour, its not bad but kinda saturates the unfinished illustration of the Frankenstein, The illustration will receive a little more detail, mainly to add shadowy areas to the characters, and maybe some lighting from the outside (And possibly from behind, i'm thinking Lightning, but not sure yet, i want it to try and remain cartoon-like)

The Pocky switch and wires will receive plenty of changes to fit the image better, its still fairly straightforward as it was a spur of the moment idea and a basic shape.

Plenty to do, hopefully this will be done by tuesday/wednesday so i can do some more dissertation. YAWN lol.

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